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Ukrainian Energy Forum 2014

Workshop on Unconventional hydrocarbons development in Ukraine: 23rd June 2014

On 24th February, the renowned shale gas expert, Pawel Poprawa of the Institute of Energy Studies in Poland, will run a workshop entitled “Unconventional hydrocarbons development in Ukraine: considerations from the experience of Poland and North America”

Paweł Poprawa is one of the foremost European experts in unconventional gas and oil and one of the most experienced geologists in Poland. Over the last 7 years, he has conducted a broad range of geological research on shale gas, shale oil and tight gas in Poland and surrounding countries. Having worked at the Polish Geological Institute for 17 years, he joined the Energy Studies Institute in 2012.

Paweł’s main fields of expertise are shale geochemistry, reservoir characteristics, resources assessment and the environmental impact of unconventional gas exploration and production.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • US and Canadian experiences in shale gas and oil and tight gas and oil exploration as a model to follow in future European unconventional hydrocarbon resources development (shale, tight, CBM);

  • The geological “recipe” for successful exploration of unconventional hydrocarbons. Does the geological setting of Europe allow us to hope for the scale of success seen in the USA?  Global geological prospects for shale gas and oil development, specific uncertainties in quantification of unconventional resources;

  • The technology of shale gas and oil exploration and production; 

  • The economic feasibility and challenges for the development of shale gas and oil projects in Europe. The potential impact on the economy and social development;

  • The regulatory regime – specific Polish and European challenges; 

  • The impact of shale gas and oil exploration and production on the natural environment and human health -  American and Polish experiences

Download the full agenda for the Workshop "Unconventional hydrocarbons development in Ukraine" here 

Focus Day on the Ukrainian Electricity Sector: 26th June 2014

“The implementation of the new electricity market model as the key to liberalisation and reform of the sector”

The Electricity Focus Day will be a unique and timely opportunity to debate the impact of the new electricity market law. Amongst the major topics to be discussed are:

  • How the new wholesale market with function

  • Key priorities of the regulatory bodies

  • The opportunities to further increase exports

  • Investing in new generating capacity

  • Growing the share of the renewables sector

  • A Roundtable discussion between Government and industry on the new electricity market model and liberalisation of the sector will sum up and debate all the points that have been raised in the course of the day.

A 20-strong expert panel has been brought together including the Energy and Utilities Regulators, senior management of DTEK, NEK Ukrenergo, the Rada Electricity Sub-Committee, Energoatom, Scottish & Southern Energy, Kyivenergo and leading renewables developers including Activ Solar, Wind Parks of Ukraine, EuroCape and Continental Wind Partners.

View the full programme for Strategic Focus Day On The Electricity Sector In Ukraine here